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Safety Laser Beam -
Press Brake Safety BLPS
The circuit is designed as Type 4 safety standard, certified by TUV, and obtained national invention patent with dynamic detection technology. 
  1. Double independent OSSDs output for each beam
  2. Divergence angle is amall, to avoid reflective interference
  3. Beams are in front and center of bending machine punch, applying for bending machine features
  4. Higher detection range for various bending machines, up to 20m
  5. Mounting bracket with 5 degree of freedom, can be adjusted to facilitate the beam position
  6. Providing comprehensive protection for the operator in place of very close to the workpiece, allows high-speed mold, improve production efficiency.
Laser Scanner 
LSPD can protect the area up to 15 m radius and  angle of 190 degrees based on the two-dimensional scanning optical and laser ranging principle. It includes protect-area and warning-area.
  1. Less than 8ms response time, fast and reliable.
  2. Warning Area Range, up to 15m radius.  
  3. Designed to achieve maximum safety and machine efficiency.
  4. Long service life, guarantee 2 years free after sale service.
  5. CE, SafeNet Certificate

Safety Light Curtains
KSO6 Series
KS06M is specially design for area restricted protection, with diameter of the emitter/receiver at a size of 25mm x 30mm. It fits all most all the machines or places where protection is needed. The KS06M complies with:  IEC61496-1(Type4)\ IEC61496-2(Type4) safety standard with a CE certification.
  1. Dual Channel NPN or PNP outputs.
  2. Compact design, diameter of 25mm x 30mm.
  3. High detection capability, highest of 14mm for finger protection
  4. Fast response time, less than 10ms.
  5. Low power consumption, less than 10w.


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