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What started decades ago with the development of a two-hand safety relay was continued and extended to form an extensive safety relay module range over the last 15 years. From single function safety modules up to modular multifunction safety systems with field bus connections, designed to protect both man and machine. Sometimes it is not too easy for machine and system manufacturers and users alike to design safety-related circuits using discrete contactor hardware to comply with the abundance of regulations currently in place. To assist them, DOLD offer type-tested safety modules allowing tailored solutions to be installed with respect to functionality and cost.
Monitoring hardware is one of the most important and wide-ranging specialties of DOLD’s relay module programme. It is subdivided in 3 partial areas: insulation monitors, measuring relays and fault annunciators. Our products from this subject area are used to detect and signal in good time critical off-limit conditions of electrical quantities such as current, voltage, power, insulation resistance, etc. and help to avoid dangers to man and machine. Moreover, these products help to improve the availability of your machines and systems by minimizing downtimes.
Semiconductor contactors, softstart and brake devices are the cornerstones of power electronics at DOLD. All the three device groups play an important role in advanced motor controls. But there is a lot of other applications in particular for Semiconductor contactors such as heating, lighting, etc.
Already in 1978, DOLD could introduce their first PLC in the standard housing of the automotive and machine tool industry. It goes without saying that the current-generation DOLD PLC is fieldbus-capable. Moreover, it is also available in the degree of protection IP67. An extensive range of fieldbus-capable input and output modules is also available, as peripheral modules of a PLC, for example. Coupling relays are used as connecting links between the highly-sensitive logic circuitry of a PLC and the raw operation at the machine. DOLD offers products of this kind in a variety of sizes and with different contacts.
Time and remote control switches are the both cornerstones of DOLD’s installation electronics. They belong to the basis devices of modern building system automation and are mainly used for lighting control. Apart from classic staircase lighting time switches and remote-control switches also time switches which can be reset and cut off before time-out as well as remote control switches for central and group control belong to this wide-spread product range. This also includes the DOLD energy-saving switch combining the properties of time and remote control switch. Further installation devices such as louvre switches, load disconnecting relays or the innovative hybrid switching relay complete DOLD’s installation hardware offering.
This safety switch and trapped key interlock system, especially designed according to DIN EN ISO 13849 and certified by TÜV, combines the advantages of safety switches, solenoid locks and trapped keys in one system. The modular design offers highest flexibility and safety to the user fulfilling his safety demands.
Download DOLD's newest Safety Relay Data Sheet – SAFEMASTER C Multifunctional Safety Module UG 6970

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