beacon series

Coming in June! Illuminated Housing / Emergency Stop Button


The LED will be red when switch has been actuated.  

LED is yellow during normal operations.

Item No.: R80 Red-Yellow 

Standard voltage: DC 12-30V 

Maximum current (LED color): 150mA@12V dc, 80mA @24V dc, 60mA@30V dc 

Press button: Insulation resistance: >100MΩ; Impulse withstand voltage:2500VAC One minute 

Life cycle: >250,000 times 

Color options: Red, Yellow,Red Solid On or Flashing 

LED flash rate: 1.6Hz at 50% duty cycle  >7.2V, Input impedance 10K 

Electrical protection: Over current protection, Over voltage protection, Reverse connection protection 

IP rating: IP65